Harris Newman


This is a love story. 

Live from my working office, Mt. Tabor

Live from my working office, Mt. Tabor


My goal has always been the same: to meet the world's most interesting people and share their stories. 

This has driven every position and project I've taken on: from copywriting, to feature articles, to my podcast and every goofy endeavor in between. 

Now, for the basics:

  • Born and raised in Florida

  • B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Florida State University

After graduating, I flew to Thailand with nothing but my college degree, a duffel bag with all my clothes, and three seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I lived in Bangkok for three years as an English teacher. Here I learned to speak Thai and traveled much of the region. 

Upon returning, I moved to Portland. I came for the nature and stayed for the countless supply of fascinating and creative people. Through my work as a writer, my podcast (Dreamweavers) and an endless amount of illuminating coffee conversations, it's been my pleasure to soak in this passion and share it with others. 

For the more visually inclined

For the more visually inclined

Now, it’d be my pleasure to know you too.

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